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Preetha Judson

Preetha Judson

Bro Judson Abraham and Dr. (Mrs). Preetha Judson

Gift of Jesus is a world wide growing ministry founded by Bro Judson Abraham and Dr. (Mrs). Preetha Judson. Ph.D. Bro Judson Abraham started as an evangelist in the year 1993 and the ministry was established in 1999. The Divine Vision from God is to reach the unreached millions with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministry operates to give hope to the people, who are sick and troubled with diverse problems and heal the Broken Heart, Soul and Body through its Mission.

To Spread the Gospel to the World Through

  1. Mass crusades
  2. Mass Media and Communication
  3. Conducting Pastor’s Conference every month second Friday to strengthen the pastor’s calling with power and Word of God
  4. Conducting Healing prayer service on second Saturday of every month at Krupa company auditorium
  5. Supporting several Aged Widows financially, every month through our ministry

Bro.Judson Abraham and Sis.Preetha Judson are enabled to do this ministry with love and support of well wishers and the prayers of our “Gift of Jesus Prayer Warriors” group.

To know more about our ministry browse through our website and please feel free to contact us for any need.


Public Crusades
At present we are conducting Public Crusades all over India. It’s either by invitation from Christian groups or organizations or by the planning of Gift of Jesus Ministries.

International Ministries
Judson and Preetha have been visiting U.A.E. Countries to share the Word of God on special invitation. Now God has opened doors in Africa and European countries.

TV Ministry
The main aim is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world through the fastest media, through Television and the results are pouring out from all over the world.

Email and Letters
People write to us for prayer requests and Sis.Preetha prayerfully go through all the letters and reply back.

Phone Ministry
We have Prayer Warriors who attend to every phone call and pray for your needs. You can find different phone numbers for different languages.As the Lord leads, Judson & Dr.Preetha will attend some calls personally.

Books, CD’s, VCD’s and DVD’sBooks written by Dr.Preetha Judson are available and various Message CD’s & DVD’s are also available. You can find from our product list and get them by writing to us at reasonable price.

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