Ensared and at Peace | Christian Songs in Telugu

Ensared and at Peace

I feel the strings around me.
I see the woven net.
And yet I know the capturing
Has made me quite content.

The strings are light and airy.
The net in comfort lays
Upon my soul and ’round my heart
In many sundry ways.

I wonder at the comfort.
I marvel at that peace
Which dwells within this soul of mine
When selfish strugglings cease.

What is it that enthralls me
And lifts me very high
And sets my feet on paths undreamed
Which stretch right through the sky?

What elevates my longings,
Yet, satisfies my soul.
What great enchantment can there be
That makes my heart so full?

Can beauty so attract me?
His is beyond compare,
And, yet, it is not that alone
Which captivates my stare.

I see far more than beauty
When now I fully gaze
Into the precious, loving eyes
Of Him who bound my ways.

I see therein compassion,
Perceive a tenderness
Transcending far beyond that which
Mere mortals do possess.

There also is a sorrow.
I sense a crushing grief
When from the shelter of His net
I seek my own release.

What causes such compassion?
What motivates such care?
What makes Him so affected when
My eyes avert their stare?

I pondered with perplexity
And sought from heav’n above
To know the answer to these things
And found that it was love.

It’s love, His love that binds me;
His love etched in His face.
I find within His Word the love
Which wraps me ’round with lace.

Exalting and enchanting,
Exceeding every dream,
Extr’ordinary is love’s net
Entirely without seam.

Love’s penetrating power
Provides release for me.
It took away my great despair
And gave security.

It breaks my lofty spirit
And brings me to my knees,
Yet, grants me all I ever sought
And then gives heaven’s keys.

I see His love around me.
I feel His love within.
I find His love o’erwhelming
Whene’er I think of Him.

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